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<< WorldStamps is a comprehensive program for both novice and experienced collectors. Thanks to our very own stamp collecting software, you can organize and manage an entire collection of stamps efficiently and with ease >>

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Product description. Here are some key features of WorldStamps:

 Over 35 information fields per stamp including stamp specifications, purchase & sales information, condition, inventory codes, notes and more

 Up to three images can be attached for each stamp: the stamp itself and two more images for details. Click on any of these, and you will see the image enlarged. See more...

 Password-protect all your stored information against unexpected hands. See more...

 Valuation, purchase and sales information are always displayed so you will always know the value, costs and profits of your entire collection, group of stamps or a particular one

 Backup or export your data to text format for additional security

 Import your existing data or other collectors’ data from a text file

 Ability to search a stamp or group of stamps meeting selected criteria out of eighteen different fields of information. See more...

 You can sort alphabetically all your stamps exactly by any field or parameter. User controlled sorting and selection.

 Flexible and powerful inventory report generation in html format. Inventory report can be run for entire collection, or for specific group of stamps or a single stamp. See more...

 Report provides plenty of information on stamps of different types, including grade, cost, value, and profit amounts.

 Keep a list of all your buyers and sellers contacts. Database of stamp dealers or contacts

 Unlimited number of stamps can be added to the existing ones

 All stamps can be tracked as current inventory, or any other of the six different status available: For sale, Lost, Not owned, Repeated, Sold and Wish stamps. These status can be easily moved from one to another. See more...

 To speed up the addition of more stamps, use the duplicate function in a selected stamp. Stamps entered via this fast add feature can individually modifiable later

 Take notes and observations for each stamp

 Properties of the fields of the stamps in the table where are shown can be easily modified. See more...

 Countries, grades, topics, paper and colours among others, can be easily selected and updated. See more...

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